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Welcome To Cornerstone Management Skills

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 Cornerstone's 2020

Training Schedule and

Speaking Engagements


 "Robbers can break into your home and steal your possessions, but no one can steal what you've learned." --- Unknown


 Training Contracts not accepted from January - July, 2020
C213: Conflict Management, August 6, 2020, San Diego, CA 
C102: Elevating Your Ethical Awareness, August 7, 2020, San Diego, CA
​C205:  Bargaining Negotiations, October 8-9, 2019, San Diego, CA
C218: R/W Acquisition for Electrical Transmission Projects, October 22-23, 2020, San Antonio, TX
C219: Presentation, Instruction & Facilitation, November 5-6, 2020, Riverside, CA
​SR/WA Review & Exam, November 18-20, 2020, San Diego, CA
* Date to be announced.

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    ​2020 Speaker Engagements 







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