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Cornerstone is happy to announcement our blog. The blog page is entitled, "SOAR LIKE AN EAGLE." We've created snippets of provocative thoughts especially for you. We're able to accomplish this with your help. Because of your feedback that gave us a glimpse into the issues important to you.

We still want to hear from you because we all go through different seasons in our lives. And with the seasons come new challenges, new insights, new intelligence. By sharing your thoughts, Cornerstone can better reach out to others, who may be struggling and searching for tips to gain in strength and understanding.

So, come and sit with us a spell. Visit us at www.cornerstonemanagementskills.blogspot.com

 Here's a message from one of the blog viewers to his department:


Hi Gang…
In the past, I’ve emailed you Cornerstone's newsletter, but she’s getting hi-tech… you have to visit her blog to read the numerous articles she has… You can definitely spend a good amount of time reading …  pretty good stuff!
We all need to Soar Like An Eagle… Life in some ways is very bizarre that what you give unconditionally, comes back to you 10-fold… If you do things to expect that 10-fold to return, it doesn’t happen… Our hearts can be easily read without words stating its intentions… Consider this for your next opportunity to Soar Like An Eagle….
Director of Revenue Management
Holiday Inn® Waikiki Beachcomber Resort


















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